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Our Story


About Us

We live in a world of fast fashion, or rather fast shopping. Many companies today produce low-quality goods, allowing them to retail at low prices, delivering a product that is disposable. At Black Sheep, we don’t want our customers to buy single-use items. We want to provide
our patrons with a product that is made with exceptional care and built for long-time use. Our customers are not just numbers, but discerning guests who deserve to
purchase creations of the finest materials and craftsmanship. 

Our Artisans

Black Sheep hand-picks artisans who are masters of their trade, and strive to create that which is unique in style and exquisite in its composition. In a world of expendable purchasing, and robotic service to the customer, we are truly proud of being the Black Sheep.

Our Mission

Black Sheep aims to empower small businesses.

We select our vendors based on certain criteria and are encouraged to find artisans that are somehow positively impacting the world around them. We especially look out for companies/individuals that are involved with the following:

1) Using safe and sustainable practices during the operation of their facilities.

2) Using high-quality, sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials for production.

3) Giving back to their community, by supporting
noteworthy causes financially or otherwise.

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